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Do Hypnosis Downloads Work?

Sometimes people ask me if pre-recorded hypnosis downloads work. The answer is always a resounding ‘yes’! If they did not work, then believe me I would not be wasting my time recording so many sessions. I would also not be so behind trying to clear up the backlog of requests for new sessions. I literally can’t keep up!

Also if you look around the internet you will see that downloadable hypnosis sessions are getting more and more popular – almost by the day. Many people are starting to realise the potential for them, and businesses are cottoning on to this.

I have been recording sessions professionally for about 3 years, and for about 2 years before that while experimenting with different techniques. If done correctly, a pre recorded hypnotherapy session can be very powerful. I regularly receive many emails from people who have received life changing therapy from my sessions. I have helped people with almost every situation imaginable, and it is often very humbling to hear their stories.

A pre recorded session does have its drawbacks. A well experienced hypnotherapist can think on their feet and tailor a session for the particular individual that is seeking therapy. They can ask questions and ascertain more specifically what the problem is. They can also assess the personality of the subject, and bend their approach to suit what they think would be more suitable for them.

However there are also a lot of advantages to a well crafted audio session. A downloaded session can be bought online and downloaded almost instantly. I know that some people are too afraid or embarrassed to approach a hypnotherapist, so this route does open access up to these people. There are also privacy issues. No one will see you walk into a therapy center, or see if and what you are buying in physical CD format. You can buy virtually anonymously online if you wish.

The sessions can also be listened to as many times as you want. When paying a hypnotherapist, he will only deliver the session once, unless you pay him again. Speaking of pay, a pre recorded hypnotherapy CD is typically a lot cheaper than a ‘live’ session. A downloaded session is even cheaper than a CD as it eliminates the cost of the CD, packaging, and postage. Since you don’t usually get a physical product with a ‘live’ hypnotherapist, why would you need one with a recorded session?

Hypnosis downloads also usually have pleasant background music which helps deepen the levels of relaxation. In fact if produced with care, the audio sessions can combine elements of music therapy alongside hypnotherapy to produce a really powerful and effective therapeutic session.

They can also be listened to almost anywhere you wish. You can easily pop them on an MP3 player or iPod, and listen to them at the beach or in a garden for example.

So while I would not claim that a pre recorded hypnosis download is any better than a live session, I would say that from my experience they work just as effectively, and hold many advantages. They are just as valid a form of therapy as ‘live’ sessions in my opinion, and with the growth of the internet, they are getting more and more popular. So if you have not already done so, why not give them a try and see what you are missing out on? You never know, they could provide the catalyst for those life changes that you have been waiting for.

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